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YOU GET: Online Featured Listing of your restaurant, Micro Web Site, Online Menu, Online Coupon, Local Dining Card, Online FREE PROMOTION on DineBlog, Free Job Posting, Free IDEA posting, Preferred Catering Listing, Posting of Restaurant Reviews and much more.


Restaurant 411 -  Find a Restaurant Powered by: LocalDining.Info - Only paid advertising restaurants are listed here. You also get a Featured Restaurant Listing (with Logo) above the alphabetical listings on LocalDining.Info and a Micro Web Site on -

Restaurant Listing - Free basic listing on LocalDining.Info for any restaurant, no advertising required. - LocalDining.Info

The menu is what you use to communicate to your customers what your restaurant has to offer.

Virtually everything about your restaurant and how you are perceived in your market is linked to your food and menu. Today, it is nearly impossible for independent restaurant owners to survive the constant assault of national chains and the local competition without a strong menu and  the ability to deliver it consistently.

The menu defines your restaurant’s image and elevates or lowers your guests’ expectations.

The menu plays a major role in establishing market position and customer expectations. Your menu is probably the single biggest merchandising and profit tool you’ve got. Many restaurant owners underestimate the role that the menu plays in influencing guests’ selections and miss out on major sales and profit-building opportunities.

Learn how to use on your menu and transform it into one of the biggest assets and profit-making tools you’ve got.

Choice of sites for your menu: - - - Many Regional Sites available, all sites are linked, but the urls are different.

The coupon is used to invite or entice, a would be customer into to your restaurant instead of your competitors. Your not making any money on your competitors customer UNLESS you get them to come to your restaurant.

The coupon can be used simply to fill empty tables. (Percent off total check,  2 for 1 Dinners, or free items with purchase.)  Or to try a new menu item, test a new menu idea...

An empty restaurant is less profitable than a full one, even with customers getting a discount.  You still got to pay the staff and fixed costs, so you need customers.  Wait staff will be happier with more customers and a better chance at tips if you are fuller then emptier. 

A busy restaurant looks to the customer, to be a successful restaurant.

Coupons should be used by most restaurants, they are the second biggest merchandising and profit tool.

Learn how to use a coupon as a tool.

Choice of sites for your coupon: LocalDining.Info - - - -   Many Regional Sites available, all sites are linked, but the urls are different.

Local Dining Card - FREE Promotional Tool for Restaurants! - Cash Free Marketing program for Restaurants. Requires contract and a minimum offer. This program can be custom tailored to be the most effective possible for your restaurant. This is the best cash free program for restaurants.

DineBlog is a free way to promote your restaurant ie: (new menu, special event, whatever). Post something (ONCE A WEEK FREE) for any paid restaurant advertiser on any one of our DineOutNetwork web sites. -

Chefs411 is free resource for chefs. Post ideas, wanted ads, find more info and resources. -

 PreferredCatering™ - Listing of caterers - mainly restaurants that do catering. - PREFERREDCATERING.COM

TheRestaurantBuzz™ - Restaurant Better than Email Marketing - tied to Dine Blog. -

Restaurant and Bar Jobs web site is free to any restaurant owner or manager to place a help wanted ad online! FREE!

Restaurant and Bar Jobs
Free Listings

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#1 Local Dining Info Site:

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Listing of almost every Restaurant in a City Alphabetically,
with the Paid Advertisers above the alpha listings.
All restaurants are listed, but the address and phone is a link on the free listings.
Paid Advertisers are placed above free alpha listings and show address and phone numbers
and show links to coupons and or menus.


Our web site has a higher search engine placement for most restaurants
with web sites even if you search for the restaurant by the restaurant name.


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